Windows 8 Phone Friends!! First of all a very happy new year to all my listeners, I haven't posted any article from about 10 days because I am buisy in building my site for better look and was making it flexible for all browsers as well as keeping in mind for our viewers comfort.
Well, now let's start the tour!
I posted many posts on specification,features and reviews on mobiles,tablet and other gadgets,but This one is for gadget buyers in the year 2013,as  this year is going to be more crucial for gadget buyers,because of launching of Windows 8 based devices in this year.

Nowadays you are watching or listening through television or through various media mediums they are saying that Windows 8 is not good for new comers on the other hand some are saying that this is going to change the era of mobiles,tablets and most importantly laptops.
So, don't get confused about all this dialogues. Because all these things are not so important for you, I want to say that Microsoft have came with a new OS with better features,looks,specifications etc. That means they came with a new commitment and a new challenge in the form of Windows 8. And they are well prepared for fight with other platforms,and as we know that technology never could be perfect. It's OK some bugs and impurties are possible in this platform,but it doesn't mean that Windows 8 is waste of time. As we all know that Android based devices have also some problems like they do not provide good battery backup,some android devices are needed rooting for better performance. Let's look the good and bad parts Of Windows 8 Phone :-
Windows 8 Phone interfaceMost Beautiful User Interface:- The best part of Windows 8 Phone is it's look,it's Metro User Interface is one of the most innovative interface. Well arranged tiles of Windows 8 phone are made up with colorful desgins. All of the above it is most beatuiful Mobile platform of the world,even some people buy Windows 8 phone because only of it's smartness.
Fast Booting Phone :-

Window's previous version's one of the most worst thing is slow booting but Windows 8 Phone is uses system hybermation technic to booting. Due to this It starts and shuts down fastly and smoothly. After this upgrade in booting Microsoft try to brek the trend in smart phone market.
Windows 8 phone 8 boot screen
Apps of Windows 8 Phone :-
Windows 8 Phones have only few apps in his bag like facebook,Twitter,Google+ only . It doesn't have instagram,What's app like applications which is used most commonly in daily life. So, I think this is the only problem that Windows 8 users will experience with it.
Enjoy Unlimited Music With Xbox Music :-
Microsoft provided music app, by using which you can listen and wactch music online or you can also download it and enjoy offline without any cost. The Xbox website have millions of songs of different languages,So don't worry! your song is also available there.
Added By Editor :-
I think there is no problem in buying Windows 8 Phones. I f you want to buy a mobile to play and using more and more apps than Windows 8 Phones are not for you. Than you should definitely buy an Android Phone. Because android's market have tons of apps.

Thanks For Your Time!!

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